Showreel: I made “One Apology” just to say I’m sorry to her…Nigerian Rap Artist, Mr. Moni reveals

Interview by Amaka Perpetual

Nigerian Hip-Hop/Rap Artist, Dennis Olotu Orianzi popularly known as Mr. Moni speaks about his hit song “One apology”. In this exclusive chat with New Day Media, the unique hip-hop/Rap artist who hails from Southern Ijaw part of Bayelsa state reveals more about his hit track and other germane issues.
*      Starting your music career, the journey so far
I started as a big fan, listening to all kinds of music, most especially Hip-Hop/Rap. I started recording music as a lover of the game and just for fun, that’s the way I saw it then, not given it a thought that it’s a serious business. But, in the long run, it turns out to be an interesting career for me and so far it’s worth it.

*      You dropped a hit song “One Apology” what’s the inspiration behind the song?
Funny enough I made “One Apology” just to say I’m sorry to her. This was something that was happening to me, so no stress, everything has to come naturally because I needed to apologize to her and it did work. I can still remember when she heard the song and she was like “I know you did that song for me and I’m sorry too.

*      Any challenge in the making of the One Apology song?
I was originally supposed to take two verses and the hook as well and you already know that I featured Juliet Bernard in that song. After her chorus, she had a verse too but we had some few issues in the studio, so we had to reschedule for her to come in and do her verse but funny enough she had to travel and I was left with no option than to do the last verse.

*      What are your challenges so far in the industry and how did you overcome them?
The industry is big and the competition is very tight. I will call the industry a ghetto, it takes a real hustler to maneuver and sustain. And one thing I will say to young lads coming into the industry, is humility, don’t forget that...Man! Humility brought me this far.

*      Your next big thing?
Yea, we got something very big cooking in the kitchen. It’s a big project and I’m working on it now, you just keep your fingers cross and keep following my news updates on media, blogs & my social media handles.

*      Any special recognition
At this point, I will like to recognize all my teachers and mentors who taught and guided me so far, King D.J Abdullah- much respect sir, also shout out to Mr. Abdullahi and my daddy Emmanuel Frank Orianzi…I’m grateful to you all. Your supports brought me this far in my career.

*      Your advice to fellow artist
Every industry is challenging likewise the music industry. One thing I will say is that one must have a good product to sell. And right now, it’s not how talented you are; it takes hard work and God’s grace. You must be ready to promote yourself and your music at all costs.

*      One word to your fans

 How can one download “One Apology” song?
     You can download now by clicking any of these music digital libraries:  iTunes   Spotify Apple Music  Deezer
        How can your fans reach you?
 You can get me on these platforms. I.G: moni_orianzi Twitter: moni_orianzi

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