Book Launch: Towards the Eagles' Altitude by Lokossou Sylvain


From the author of How to Invest in the U.S.A StockMarket from Anywhere in Africa and founder of and LokodosAfrica Décor businesses in eCommerce for entrepreneurs and interior decorating respectively. Towards the Eagles’ Altitude is a book written out of pure experience starting life from scratch and building an undermined skill into a business worth emulating. A practical guide and advice anyone can follow to discover purpose, build connections and soar to the Altitude no matter their background or race. 

Towards the eagles’ altitude laid bare the surprising philosophy and attitude of Lokossou Sylvain’s development journey investing over 15 percent of his annual income on himself and learning skills relevant for business, life, and spirituality. A venture by which he ends up building one of the youthful libraries worth admiring. “If given a choice to invest in stocks, businesses, bonds, or myself, I will choose to invest in myself first and the rest of my investments are secure,” he said. 

The book is written simply and understandably even to the most Basic English reader. Most self-help books give old fashion counsels and refer to previews of centuries heroes; Towards the Eagles’ Altitude gives you the current century counsels and references that work from current century heroes. Towards the Eagles Altitude is a playbook to start life from scratch and strive towards your best-imagined altitude. Whether you are still depending on your parent for feeding and bills or learning a skill or building a business, self-employed, or in search of employment, this is a must-read for you. 

Towards the Eagles’ Altitude takes you through the steps of building a network for lifetime success. Most individuals complaining about unemployment or small business owners complaining about growth even when they have all the qualities it takes to be in their desired position is not really about lack of job or opportunity but lack of connections. This book teaches you how to build these connections and make them strong before you even need them for business, career, and employment purposes.  

All ventures may not be successful no matter who starts them, but too many potential successful ventures have been abandoned before their dawns of success. Towards the eagles’ altitude teaches you how to develop a hard skin to failures temporal defeats and succeed or give up only when it is necessary. Lokossou Sylvain in the book also talked about the ultimate power of desire as it relates to business, life, and fulfillment of destiny. This book is a great work from a personal development and entrepreneurship enthusiast. 

The book is available in print and downloadable format on Amazon and Selar,, and physical stores. 

 About the Author 

Lokossou Sylvain is an entrepreneur, a member of Nigeria Youth Chamber of Commerce, and a student member of the Institute of Business Development. He holds a Mini-MBA in Business Management from the International Business Management Institute, Germany.  He is the C.E.O of Lokodos Africa Décor® and® companies in interior decorating and e-commerce respectively. As an avid reader, He owns the Lokossou Library of Insight® a library containing books on business, finance, investment, and religion

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