Golden Impact with Joachim-Saint(10): What is it you can do to help yourself for the future?

Welcome to another super episode of  Golden Impact with Joachim-Saint. In this episode, we will be discussing about what you can do to help yourself for the future. Enjoy the ride with me.  


As we’ve discussed, to be ready to seek representation, you have to have some work under your belt.

As television producer Chad Gervich puts it in his book,  How to Manage Your Agent:


“Lots of people want a literary agent or manager, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready, career-wise, to

attract or have a literary agent or manager. And if you’re not ready to actually have representation,

to participate fully in an agent-client relationship, your time is better spent gathering or building the

tools, resources, and credits necessary to eventually attract and use representation, rather than pursuing

it prematurely.”

Yes, it’s best to wait until you’re ready. But in this realm, waiting is anything but an idle activity. You

 Shouldn’t be waiting until you’re ready – you should be busy getting ready.


II.Write, write, write!

If you’re a writer, you should make a writing practice part of your daily life. Carve out a specific amount of

 time each and every day to hone your craft, and try really hard not to let yourself off the hook. If you say

you’re going to work every day for an hour, then really, actually do it!


By writing every day, you’ll give yourself the best opportunity to do what you need to do: have a lot of work

 to show for yourself. If you are seeking representation either as a writer/director or solely as a screenwriter,

you should have a writing portfolio ready to share, which should showcase some of your best pieces of writing.


Remember, not everything you’re going to write is going to be your best. That’s okay! Writing often gives you

 the freedom to have a lot of writing to choose from when it comes time to pick your best pieces.

III. Direct, direct, direct!

There’s definitely a bit of a catch-22 when it comes to seeking representation as a director. You may feel like

you need an agent in order to use your directing skills, but you need to have directed something to really land

an agent.


The truth is, an agent or manager is going to want to see that you have real creative vision and talent, and for a

 director, vision and talent are expressed on the screen. So, if you’re a director, find ways to make films, no matter

 how small they are. Technology today – from the ability to shoot a film on an iPhone to affordable, indie

 film-friendly cameras – makes it truly possible to produce a film shoot on a shoestring budget.

 Hope we’ve learnt something from this episode. Join me next week for more enlightenment discussion on making it in the film industry.

 Joachim-Saint Osakwe is a Nollywood actor, a blog columnist on House of Fame Africa Media and the Secretary-House of Fame Africa. He is passionate about encouraging aspiring and upcoming actors towards succeeding in the Film and entertainment industry. 

You can reach him via his IG @JoachimSaint or FB @Joachim-Osakwe