Hang Out with Chika (2): It’s complicated to find a perfect, single man…Toke Makinwa


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It’s another edition of Hang Out with Chika, and today we will be reflecting on what Toke Makinwa said about finding a perfect single man. Let’s cruise the gist together…

 ON-AIR-PERSONALITY, Toke Makinwa has submitted that it is complicated to find a perfect and single man. The 36-year-old OAP whose marriage to failed six years ago, took to her Twitter handle to lament how hard it has become to get a single and perfect man.

“Can a girl just get some good “D” with no complications, like!” she began. Continuing, Toke said, “There always has to be one nut unscrewed yho…If he ain’t ugly, got some baby mama drama, fighting some financial demons, spiritual too. Married or unsure of his status, (he might be single but someone somewhere is dating him), there has to be some unfinished business! Fix it, Lord.

“Once you hear “it’s complicated” after you’ve asked a question, your head starts spinning into different directions, like nobody wants to inherit your complications, can I just find a unicorn.”

Since her marriage to Ayida failed in 2015, Makinwa has kept her love interest secret.

 Yeah! That’s the little gist I got for you on this edition… What do you think about what she said as regards to relationship or marriage? Share your opinion on the comment session and thanks for joining me again.

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  1. It's indeed hard to find a man without issues these days, just make sure you're not forcing anything as the lady and you're also not snatching someone's man.

  2. Just pray and work hard and everything will be put to place

  3. U'll go places dearie, just keep at wat u do no matter d obstacles ����

  4. Well it could be hard to find a good man only if you keep being hard to mingle ...
    No matter any situation... We been clipped to someone

  5. Put God first every other things follow. Be committed to your marriage and pray continously

  6. It could be difficult to fine a single man who is not In any type of this.To fine a perfect man is not an easy something because no one is 100℅ perfect.But we can always get an average good man who can't beat you non make Scene in the public..

  7. She's actually right.

    Man is full of Babbage's when it comes to relationship

    And major factor underlined this issue is the economy condition of the country which lead s to low standard of living, with everyone strive to make better living


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