Pitch Chat: Crowdfunding for FameNet TV Launch, Amaka Perpetual reveals benefits of being a partner

The world is evolving round the digital sphere and the African entrepreneurs are creating innovative solutions through the digital world. One of the fast rising female entrepreneurs who have created a niche within the digital & entertainment space is Amaka Perpetual Udeani, Founder-House of Fame Africa, a Nigerian female entrepreneur managing African talents with her online and offline platform. In this Pitch Chat, Amaka Perpetual will be pitching about their next project Launch “FameNet TV” and the benefits of funding the project as a partner.

What’s House of Fame Africa all about?

House of Fame Africa is an international talent agency that trains, promotes and connects African talents together towards building their dreams and goals. Our vision is to provide enabling environment for rising talents to thrive better. We scout for talents and create platforms to position them. We don’t just get in any talents, we allow them pass through Face of Fame and Sing Fame contest to test their influence and attitude as upcoming stars. We end up picking the top three or four from the contest and sign them up as members of House of Fame Africa. We also sign up those who registered with us through our training system. So far, we have selected members from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and South Africa. We are looking towards Kenya soon. We sign up models, actors, dancers, musicians, comedians and others with special skills. We have run House of Fame Shows, House of Fame Awards, Face of Fame online Contest (In Nigeria, Cameroon & South Africa) , Sing Fame Naija Contest, House of Fame Online magazine and we are on the journey to expand our platform by pitching for funds to launch our bigger project FameNet TV so that we can sign up and promote more African talents.

You are pitching for funds for FameNet TV, tell us more about it.

FameNet TV is an online subscription TV that will provide entertaining and inspiring contents to subscribers in Africa and beyond and also provide side income opportunities using PPF (i.e. Pay per Premium Followers). I will describe it as the next African Netflix but with three different dynamic subscriptions – Free subscription, Premium Subscription and Earning Subscription.  

Hmmm…I heard PPF, can you explain more about it?

The Interface of the FameNet TV is structured to pay Earning Subscribers and Content Producers through Pay per Premium Followers. Our subscribers are provided with invite links to get their social media friends to Sign up for Free. Once, anyone Sign up through your link, he or she becomes your follower on your dashboard. If your follower is still on free subscription, you won’t earn but once they upgrade to premium monthly subscription, you earn a percentage of their subscription every month as long as they remain your follower.

In other words, the more premium followers one has, the more monthly earning for life?

Yes, and it’s very easy for you to get that because all you need is to share links directly to your social media handles, once they sign up, we do the rest of the promotions via their notifications on contents and updates that will make them upgrade to premium subscription. You can also choose not to get followers and become only Premium Subscriber to watch contents.  

I hope the premium subscription fee is not high?

Not at all... With N1,500 or $5 you are in for monthly subscription. And you can watch both FameSpark Channel and FameClassic Channel.  The FameSpark is to enable upcoming producers and content creators distribute their content and earn till they have sufficient funds to step up their contents to Fame Classic while the Big Giants Producers and celebrities earns more via the Fame Classic.

How do you intend to source and pay for contents, you know content is king and quite expensive?

Each subscriber's dashboard has an enabling button to upload content like YouTube but the difference is that our team will review it before approval. When we review your contents, we decide if it will display on FameSpark Channel or FameClassic channel. If it does not meet our standard we will reject the content. Also, we are not only depending on external contents, part of the funds we are seeking for is also for content production. And we have started “The Vision” TV series, currently under editing, we are looking forward to shoot “Black Chapter Movie”. We also have entertainers in House of Fame and network of producers who are ready to release their movies and video contents once the TV is launched. As for how we pay for contents, we pay contents producers based on their premium followers and category of their content. We pay you double of your PPF monthly and your content category determines the duration you will earn from your content. You can earn double for a period of 2 years, one year, 6months, 2months etc for just a content. We also have other ways in which content producers can also earn with our Super Products, but that’s in our upgrading stage after launch.

What kind of contents should one expect to watch from FameNet TV?

We accept different contents - 

  • Movies both Nollywood, 
  • African and international feature films, 
  • short films,
  • comedy skits, 
  • musical and dance videos, 
  • religious teachings, 
  • talk shows, 
  • tv series, 
  • documentaries, 
  • entertainment and fashion shows, 
  • birthdays and wedding events, 
  • seminar videos, 
  • inspirational videos, 
  • sports extras, 
  • cartoons and kids videos. 

With our premium monthly subscription, you can access and watch the latest of these contents every month. 

Well, I could see experience speaking here and everything well thought out. Back to the funding, why should one invest in this online TV?

First, one don’t need to be told that the tech business is the new oil well. That’s why we have more people in the tech business listed among the top billionaires in the world. This shows that a strategic tech business is a business with high return on investment and FameNet TV is an offer you can’t afford not to be part of. In-fact, we structured the funding as a Crowd-funding Partnership so that both small and big players can benefit from the industry which will also create more awareness of the TV project even before the launch. We have different class of partners with various benefits attached to their category. Your return on investment ranges from 10%-30% in 6months depending on the class of partner selected. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PARTNERS BENEFITS

How much are we looking at to make this venture a huge success?

N20million or its equivalent in other currencies, this covers the online website and App design, content production/Black Chapter Movie, studio and production equipments, Operations/logistics and Complete Production Centre … This does not mean we can’t take off if the N20million is not complete. Our team have been strategized that as any cash is coming in, it is taking care of an item budget one after the other, most especially the designing of the website TV, once it’s done every other thing can follow suit in phases, so we can deliver to our partners on time.

This is interesting… If I should invest now, what are the modalities put in place to give me assurance of getting my money back in six months, because we have people who have money looking for profitable venture like this but needs assurance.

First, we are giving you a Partnership Agreement Form which is a binding contract for both parties and can be tendered anywhere if we default. Secondly, once you put your money down, you are not just an investor; you are an internal partner for those six months, so you will be added to our Interactive Partners Whatsapp Group where you receive regular updates of the progress of the projects and air your opinions and contributions. You can also network with other likeminded partners in the group. Once, your payment is due, you will be notified and you will receive your payment directly into the bank account provided on the agreement form. Lastly, the more we make little progress, the more people have more trust in the brand and gain bigger investors. So, at the space of 4months, 40% of the latter Partners investments will be reserved to settle early investors due for payments while 60% of their investments will be invested to keep sustaining the growth of the system till it’s stabilized. We can also request for overdraft from the bank based on our turnover to ensure you are settled. Since the inception of our operation, our integrity is more vital to us because it’s what has brought us this far. Trust me; we will do all that we can to maintain it so that more doors and opportunities can be opened to us. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT FORM

Wow! Wow! Now; I see why you said it’s Next African Netflix… So, if one wants to invest as a partner, how do we get started?

You can simply whatsapp +2347033971477 for online appointment and further discussion from any country; you can also send us an email to houseoffameafricainfo@gmail.com or visit our crowd funding post on www.newdayliveng.com . For one on one appointment in our office in Lagos Nigeria, also contact the whatsapp number stated above.

What do you have to say to the audience out there?

The more dreams and ideas dies, the more unemployment and poverty revolve round our nations. So, I hope to welcome you on board as our partner to bring hope to African talents and create side income opportunities to improve the standard of living of an average African through the digital world. Your little and big investment can go a long way to improve lives.


Thank You Madam Amaka Perpetual Udeani for coming on the Pitch Chat, it’s been a great ride with you and I must commend that we Africans need this project seriously. And to my readers, Follow up and invest, like she said, there are categories that suits your pockets, just ensure you are not left behind. Don’t forget to encourage others to join the crowd funding partnership; together we can make this a reality and we all will smile and be proud of being part of this impactful project.


Pitch Chat by Esther Anyanwu (Business Analyst)