Nollywood Movie 2021: Echoes From the Creek: Dropping Soon on FameNet TV

Following the massive international nominations from notable film festivals around the world for his debut Niger Delta Stories Series, Milestone of a Thousand Potraits, Nigerian's sweetheart Director & movie sensation, Patrick Marcus Daudoukumor popularly known as PMD the vision, wows our screens again with a brand new film, Echoes From The Creek.

 Echoes From The Creek (#EFTCthemovie) is another unique melodrama, very specific and relative to the depth of self denial and greed perpetrated in the crude oil polluted mangrove areas of Niger Delta, a region covering about 9 states in Southern, Nigeria- the nations treasure generating about 97% of the country's GDP, yet neglected and continuously impoverished by the country's federal executive council and oil regulating agencies.

In his dedication and directorial vigour to tell exceptional and unconventional stories that meet both artistic, commercial and societal values, PMD the vision, partnered with both home based and international companies and individuals, to create a general commercial and economic appeal for movie lovers and investors. This project in his words, "this is not just a collaboration for the papers but a collaboration to create a consistent market for the documentation and promotion of Ijaw (Niger Delta) stories" his cogent reasons are that, "the Ijaw Nation was slacking in adequate and accurate documentation of her stories, history and heroes, sighting the case, of the Late. Adaka Boro, the First Leader of the Ijaw Nation who barely have enough of his history documented for the up and coming generations despite his unmatched achievements in the actualization of the Ijaw Nation.

 Hey, PMD is that docu guy for the Ijaw race, his on a journey to rewrite the Niger Deltan history, a reckoning approach to erase the evil memories of militancy created by their oppressors, rather pointing out the true spirit of heroism embedded in the  Leaders and people of the Ijaw race, who will continue to stand for freedom, equity and justice.

 The film is set to premiere in August, 2021, with features from top Nollywood actors, a guest appearance from Headies Nominated rapper, Payper Coleone, Emmanuel Okutuate, with international collaboration from United States of America and South Africa.