About Us

  Who we are

NDM Communication Limited is a media & entertainment company that focused on digital media, talent management, content distribution, film production, events and entertainment services. We are passionate about grooming upcoming talents and bringing them to the limelight and we have developed several products to help them grow in their journey to the Fame World. We are also focused on packaging and distributing both our contents and other creators content to end users via our digital media. 

 Our Vision

To consistently deliver quality contents that moves lives forward.

 Our Mission

We provide & facilitate platforms that enable talents, ideas & quality contents thrive better

 Our Core Values

·         Excellence

·         Creativity

·         Quality

·         Result Oriented

              Our Services

  • Digital media 
  • Talent management 
  • Content distribution 
  • Film & TV Production 
  • Events and entertainment services.

Our Subsidiaries


·         House of Fame Africa – An online international talent agency/association that trains, promotes and connects African talents together towards achieving their dreams and bringing them to fame. The agency scouts and registers talents both online and offline and we make selections majorly from our online contest. So far, House of Fame has held these online contests – Face of Fame Naija 2020, Face of Fame Cameroon 2021 and Face of Fame South-Africa 2021 and has successfully recruited members in Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra-Leone, South-Africa and Ghana. 

·  FameNet TV – An online subscription TV designed to distribute and watch creative contents globally. Some Channels on the TV are also structured to enlighten and promote upcoming talents and bring them to the Fame World. The TV also has FameNet Productions, a platform that handles our original Film and TV productions. Our production jobs so far includes “The Vision”- a web series, The Captives – feature film, Mancala ( a co-production Web Series with Sound Body Productions Canada), Nkrabea-Destiny (another co-production African film with Sound body Productions Canada). Visit https://famenettv.com for more

·       House of Fame Magazine - This is an online magazine published periodically to promote house of fame members and all her activitiesThe magazine also features some inspiring articles special interviews and Fame Memoires of popular figures who has made impact across the globe. You can download our magazine on our website. www.newdayliveng.com


        Amaka Perpetual Udeani
        MD/CEO NDM Communication Limited

       Dennis Moni Orianzi
      Director of Productions/Shareholder

House of Fame  AFRICA

Ahmed Olawale
President House of Fame

Uchechi Amam
Vice President - House of Fame

Joachim Emmanuel Osakwe
Secretary, House of Fame

Shade Anosike
Financial Secretary, House of Fame

Solomon Awanye
Public Relation Officer- House of Fame

Chika Ogbonna
Coordinator - Face of Fame Naija

Tem Emile
Coordinator - House of Fame Cameroon

Khayi Loveline Shimbe
Acting Instructor - Cameroon

Danielle Asah Mantho
Digital Media Cameroon

Che Cynthia Mbong
Public Relation Officer - Cameroon

Nobhule Ngidi
Coordinator - South Africa